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I know that this isn’t very “motorcycle industry” related, however we all have insurance, and I wanted to share our recent experience.

We have been a customer of ALLSTATE for the last 33 years. Insuring our very first apartment then moving on to our past & present homes. We recently had an issue with water coming in from our fire wall (about 7 months ago). We thought, being its a city row home with a joined fire wall, it was simply humidity building, so we had the walls & ceiling stripped and repaired at our cost. Well many months later it started again so this time we brought in a roofer to take a look. He advised us that he found several problems on the roof, all wind related damage. He said typically he would just give the homeowner an estimate, and do the repairs. In this case, he told us to contact ALLSTATE, because the wind damage was extensive and the roof needed to be replaced.

So, we filed a claim and ALLSTATE sent out a rep to look at the roof. Nice guy, but he proceeded to advise us that we waited too long to report the issue, however they could replace a few tiles and repair the fire wall with a financial offer that we showed to the roofer, and he said they were way off base. By the time we paid our $1000.00 deductible, we still owed money on the project. I explained to ALLSTATE that we had no idea of where the water was coming from or when the damage hit, because it developed over time, but that explanation fell of deaf ears, so needless to say, we are moving on.

Did I have to write this post? Not really, but I felt that I had to. We all have insurance, we pay an arm & a leg for it, and when it fails, you / me, we have the right to be upset. I am very disappointed with ALLSTATE, very disappointed.

My two cents.

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