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BikersinfoUSA is pleased to announce an addition to our lineup. The Bikers Pocket Guide magazine has been a staple in the biker world for 26 years. With editions published for the Spring & Fall rallies in Daytona and Myrtle Beach, as well as the annual Sturgis edition. The role that these publications have played in improving the rally experience for the end user, has been vital. Ron Martin built a legacy and was commited to providing a useful tool for rally goers and advertisers. Bikers Info USA has purchased the Bikers Pocket Guide and in doing so we have retained Ron’s daughter and former President, Robin Feuer as a Regional Sales Director.The combination of the Bikers Info USA app and the Bikers Pocket Guide will further enhance the overall rally experience for our combined audience. Our plan is to grow both products simultaneously, and to expand the Bikers Pocket Guide into other rallies across the USA.


Post by Jack McIntyre

I travel all over the USA shooting motorcycles, lifestyle, and rallies… have been since the 90’s. I’ve met so many great photographers and editors along the way but every now and then, I’m drawn to what I call, “the younger media people that will carry the torch”. What I mean is, I often wonder who will keep this lifestyle that we all love, visible for future generations. We are all getting older, it’s exciting to see who will keep the public informed about the motorcycle lifestyle for the future.

Meet Polina Krasnova from Moscow. We attended the MOTO EXPO in Verona Italy together back in January of 2020. I didn’t know her, nor she me, but once home in the US, I located her on facebook and began to realize just how wonderful of a photographer she is. Her images, and eye for setting up content, surpasses the average young photographer, and her ability to travel the world shows a spirit that most don’t possess. She has a media company of her own know as Bikers Insider.

Please check out her facebook and instigram pages to see just what I am talking about, and keep an eye out for future blog posts, hopefully Polina will share some of her magical images with us all.

Rest in Peace my Friend, Charlie, you will be terribly missed

Post & Images by Jack McIntyre

This morning, April 26th, 2020, I received the terrible news that Guitarist Charlie Brechtel was taken from us as a result of a motorcycle accident. Our hearts goes out to his family.

I’ve been attending Charlie’s shows for at least 20 something years. I first met him in Daytona during Bikeweek, possibly 1999 or 2000, then he popped into our industry party at the Blue Grotto (Daytona), guitar in hand, and joined in with the band we hired that night and blew the house away. We had Dan Lawson playing for our guests who as well is a master at the guitar, but Charlie & Dan played like two brothers, note for note, seamless good old blues & rock. Moving forward a handful of years, I began shooting more & more at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis thanks to Marilyn Stemp and our work together on Iron Trader News. Being part of the Buffalo Chip family means the world to me, not many get to experience what I do, and I appreciate every moment of that. So, Charlie is a regular at the Chip, when I check the shooting schedule, I ALWAYS checked for the Charlie Berchtel Band first. I’m posting a few images here in this post, but I have hundreds more. If you are reading this and are curious about his musical style, he was a master of blues and good old fashion rock. I’ve shot with Charlie with no one watching, and with thousands in attendance. His music, his way of being, drew you in, made you feel like part of the band. Heavy rain, extreme winds… didn’t matter, he never left the stage. I think you get the picture, I’ll post some more images below, feel free to share them, copy them for yourself.


Post by Jack McIntyre

I know that this isn’t very “motorcycle industry” related, however we all have insurance, and I wanted to share our recent experience.

We have been a customer of ALLSTATE for the last 33 years. Insuring our very first apartment then moving on to our past & present homes. We recently had an issue with water coming in from our fire wall (about 7 months ago). We thought, being its a city row home with a joined fire wall, it was simply humidity building, so we had the walls & ceiling stripped and repaired at our cost. Well many months later it started again so this time we brought in a roofer to take a look. He advised us that he found several problems on the roof, all wind related damage. He said typically he would just give the homeowner an estimate, and do the repairs. In this case, he told us to contact ALLSTATE, because the wind damage was extensive and the roof needed to be replaced. Continue reading ALLSTATE HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE, GOOD EXPERIENCE / BAD???

Kid Rock at the Buffalo Chip®

The American Bad Ass is bringing the “Greatest Show on Earth” to the Buffalo Chip in 2018.

Sturgis, SD – The Sturgis Buffalo Chip is riding right to the top of its fans’ wish list with the announcement of the great “American Bad Ass,” Kid Rock. Rock will be returning for a hard-hitting, hit-heavy bash at the Buffalo Chip on Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018, just one night after country music star Eric Church takes the same stage. Watch the official announcement video that shares some crazy stories from Rock’s past Chip performances here: