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Daytona is a very special place, it may mean beach to some, but to people like me, it’s the roar of a v-twin & friends. My idea of a great Bikeweek or Biketoberfest is staying at that one special place near the beach, no matter where that may be, and then joining up with all of my friends from country wide at the Broken Spoke.

Go into my Daytona galleries & check out the Broken Spoke over all the years. I’ll be there again this year because it’s my comfort zone, there’s no better biker bar anywhere, in my opinion. https://bikerpics.smugmug.com/DAYTONA-EVENTS

2019 DAYTONA BIKEWEEK by a very special photographer

Images by Photographer Polina Krasnova from Russia.

You’ve probably seen me brag about this Photographer in the past, but I feel proud to not only have Chopper Dave shooting constantly & sharing his great fun work, but also to have Polina Krasnove, creator of Bikers Insider (as she wears proudly on her arm).

Her perspective of the biker industry is incredible, very artistic like… if that makes sense. See her 2019 Daytona Bikeweek gallery by clicking here & enjoy. Here is a link to her facebook page, send her some love. https://www.facebook.com/bikersinsidermotofoto

NEXT: Chopper Dave & I will be hitting Daytona HARD in a few weeks, stay tuned, it will be loads of FUN!