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Bikerpics.org, under the umbrella of House of Choppers Nation, has biker photo galleries that continue to rake in the views. I mean look at these numbers, on 12/31/22 we had 51,020 views on only that day, by months end we had more than 542,720 views. That’s crazy considering there haven’t been many events to post, come Daytona Bikeweek the numbers will be in the millions. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERIES

Chopper Dave, our Floridian Photographer, continues to shoot every event that he can get to, which are reflected in his own gallery section going back to about 2006 or so. You have to see all of the galleries to believe what I’m saying. CLICK HERE https://bikerpics.smugmug.com/PHOTOGRAPHER-CHOPPER-DAVE.

We love all of your commitment to Bikerpics, this has been going on for decades and we are honored to have such a devoted audience. Cheers everyone!


Bikerpics.org was started way back in the late 90’s, just an idea to get rally images posted faster and in more quantity than the magazines could ever even consider. I know, I used to shoot for many of them. Anyway, I’d shoot Bikeweek for example, and back then, the Bikeweek issues wouldn’t appear for about 60 days, with maybe 10 pages of coverage. WELL that wasn’t cutting it for me, so the internet was the new idea, and I tried hard to make the best of it. By 2004, it had taken off so well, I couldn’t even get on an elevator in a Daytona hotel in my Bikerpics gear, without someone saying how much they loved the site.

Mission accomplished. That was my one & only goal. It was about then that I was seeing Photographer Chopper Dave at every turn during the rallies. He was non-stop, shooting day through night, so we got talking, and we’ve been partners in this mess ever since. Bikerpics.org has a monthly unique viewership of just over 1 million views, month by month, never fails. Please visit our galleries, we do this all for our viewers. CLICK HERE