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Hopefully you all have been watching, we here at Johnny Mac’s Chopper House have been deep into the charity motorcycle build which now is out for artwork. FOX & Friends will be here next week to film the 2nd part of this build & will return for the final assembly.

Stick with us, this is really going to be something to watch, which all of our charity builds are. This bike will be at the 2023 (January) Mecum Auction in Las Vegas. We are once again hoping for some great crowd support and a few large bidders.

More info here on our charity motorcycle build page:


I’ve been waiting years to make this happen. After 25 plus years of nothing buy rally & outdoor shoots (other than briefly having a studio 7 years ago or so) it is now time to shoot bikes as artwork. If you are in the Philly area & want your bike or hotrod in a shoot, just email me at

The studio is

THE MANY YEARS OF BIKERPICS.ORG SHOOTING IN DAYTONA, TWICE YEARLY, NEVER FAIL + GLOBALLY was started way back in the late 90’s, just an idea to get rally images posted faster and in more quantity than the magazines could ever even consider. I know, I used to shoot for many of them. Anyway, I’d shoot Bikeweek for example, and back then, the Bikeweek issues wouldn’t appear for about 60 days, with maybe 10 pages of coverage. WELL that wasn’t cutting it for me, so the internet was the new idea, and I tried hard to make the best of it. By 2004, it had taken off so well, I couldn’t even get on an elevator in a Daytona hotel in my Bikerpics gear, without someone saying how much they loved the site.

Mission accomplished. That was my one & only goal. It was about then that I was seeing Photographer Chopper Dave at every turn during the rallies. He was non-stop, shooting day through night, so we got talking, and we’ve been partners in this mess ever since. has a monthly unique viewership of just over 1 million views, month by month, never fails. Please visit our galleries, we do this all for our viewers. CLICK HERE