With the recent success of our Tunnel to Towers Foundation Mecum auction in Las Vegas, along with past charity projects, we’ve decided to HEAVILY FOCUS on charity motorcycle builds to be presented at auction giving different charities the LARGEST CHECK that we can write.

Here’s an example of our present project build, a 1978 FLH Shovel head. Behind the bike, our sponsor wall

In doing this, we always have a sponsor wall in our shop (above) which we use to hang the banners of those who contribute a motorcycle part, but now we will open up the wall to include individuals who donate a few bucks, buy a shirt, or however someone wants to participate.

Donations go to Jack McIntyre Photo, which is House of Choppers Nation

If you would want to play a role, a small donation, but a t-shirt, please do. We will post constant updates on the next charity build and make sure that EVERYONE is thanked. EMAIL: regarding donating parts or please click on the donation heart above, or click on the t-shirt images below.