It’s a strange business, motorcycle lifestyle photography that is… With social media basically taking over, websites aren’t what they once were, HOWEVER, if you want to see the best images, photographers are staying away from facebook & instagram, and are only posting on their private sites, which is the way it should be. Don’t get me wrong, social media has it’s plus side, but for the professionals, we are only using it to bring you over to our side, where all of the quality sits. For example, House of Choppers Nation is a site basically controlled by Jack McIntyre in Philadelphia & Chopper Dave in Sunny Florida. We were at one time, Bikerpics.org which currently supports the CANTINA galleries on Bikernet.com. Bikerpics will continue to do that but in addition to, House of Choppers Nation will house a completely different gallery system comprised of images separate from Bikernet. Both websites will be extremely fun to browse through, Bikernet being mainly rallies, House of Choppers Nation being mainy Chopper Dave’s work along with Jack McIntyre’s studio work & limited edition prints. We hope that you will visit both, often, and enjoy.