So why would you place a banner on our site? Well let me fill you in. We’ve been running our sites since 1998, the internet was a royal mess back then, so it took several years to gather our focus, but around the year 2004, everything started to click. Since then, we’ve had more that 200,000,000 visitors. We don’t brag, but it does make us smile. No hitch, we price it cheap, come & go as you like. Monthly or a full year, it’s a bargain in any realm. It’s all about the image viewers, and your banner sitting just off to the left to be seen by all.

NEW FEATURE: All advertisers receive a blog post up to once per week talking about anything & everything they want to, products, press releases, schedules… on and on. We then also share those posts on our social media pages, and we have many.

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